Sunday, October 21, 2018

My Blogger friend: Suellen Aragao trending now

Aloha my friends! In such a competitive world and even more competitive Blogging community live in,  we found rare when two bloggers friends like Suellen and I share our contacts, brands we pitch, marketing tactics, and even more social media related secrets. Yes we do share it all
because we are a true example of COMMUNITY OVER COMPETITION!!! 💖
Let me introduce you to my BFF Blogger friend Suellen Aragao! She's originally from Brazil (right next to my country Argentina) so it was instantly that we felt like we knew each other since forever (Yes Latinas all the way 😉) She is a beauty blogger expertise and she is very engaged in collaborating with other bloggers out there!!! We have a lot of things in common and we support and empower each other to be the best in what we love to do and sharing our passions!!!
Here it is Suellen's latest blog post:

Trending this season: Biker shorts

Since the beginning of the season, I have been feeling that “the 90’s are back” and the biker shorts just confirmed my suspicions.

Since the trend hit the runway during fashion week, we have seen our favorite IT girls styling the piece that is gaining popularity around the fashionistas and dividing opinions about it.
The biker shorts can be a more comfortable and fashionable alternative to the traditional midi dresses. You can pair them with your favorite shirt, a structured blazer, or your favorite pair of stilettos- all depends on your mood.
At first, when I saw the biker shorts on the runway I didn’t think I would like the athletic aesthetic, but if paired with the right elements, the final result can be something beautiful and dedicated like we saw at Dior catwalk.
The piece can give a sexy touch to the outfit, showing the legs in a discreet way. For this outfit I chose to match my biker shorts with a structured plaid blazer and a black scarping. Also since the 90’s are back I decide to accessorize with a belt bag or fanny pack to give the blazer a feminine silhouette and a pop of color. - By Suellen Ararago


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