Friday, September 3, 2010


3 years went by and the last flame in my heart was gone... Totally hopeless for being in love again, made my heart feel as cold as an iceberg...
Had close the doors for any kind of "close feelings to my heart. Was over, done, just didnt want to believe that the light in my heart could be turn on again...
Made me believe to myself that the only companion I will have for the rest of my life will be my own self. Yes, to that extreme I get to think. Till the day I met You! Unique, special, authentic, quite but the right words were coming from your soft lips... There you were, in the last place i could ever expected to find you. I guess it was just meant to happen!
I lived the most flawless, unique, most romantic moments... Just you and I, and a couple of shooting stars on their way! I still cant believe this is happening to me...
Its not time what matters, its the intensity that intensifyes the flame in our hearts <3
Am i scared? Yes, but i'd rather risk my heart, throw my feelings out there, believe in love once again, than have to ask to myself... what if?
I woke up these last days, thinking i had just a dream... It was all Real!
We'll see what happens... but all i know is when you last expected... Love just Happens.

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