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Must have SKIN CARE products!

Aloha Amici, I want to share with you my top and must haves skin care products... If you are in your 20's please follow my advice of starting to take care of your skin NOW!!!
Don't wait till you hit your 30's like me... I wish I started to take care of my skin on my earliest 20's and that I wore sunscreen every time my parents and Grandma told me to.
After you are 30 something is going to start hitting you at some point that you are starting to age, if you are a very critic person of yourself (like I am) you are going to see those super fine lines underneath your eyes... Yeah and you are going to reminescense all the years you sunbathed without sunscreen (crying emoji)😭...
So let's go back to business, I wear a few different brands for my skin that I mix or switch every other day and I do wear them all. Some days I choose one brand in the am and another brand for my night skin care routine.
Skincare should be like brushing your teeth, you have to do it everyday and must do it in the morning and before going to bed.
I wear so many brands and I switch them during my skincare routine morning and night. So in order to show you all the products I divide them by brand and by morning or night routine! 😉.

A few years ago when I finally started wearing full make up (I lived in Hawaii for over ten years and I was always sun kissed so I never wore fully make up, particularly foundation) when I was on the search for the perfect foundation and products for my face that were not going to irritate it or provoke break outs, my first stop was at a Bare Minerals counter, I tried pretty much all their skincare line and this are my 2 favorite products I can not leave without them:

Morning Skincare: The "Skinlongevity Vital power infusion serum" by bareMinerals I apply it right after I get off the shower (2 pumps) and when I wake up in the morning, it hydrates, nourishes my skin and super importantly it helps with those fine lines!!! It is my first step to prepare my skin for the care treatment I do in my mornings.
Night Skincare:My second bareMineral must have is: Pure Plush gentle deep cleansing fome, it is creamy and smells like grapefruit, I apply it right after I take my make up off, leave it for a few seconds on my skin and then rinse it out. It leaves my skin super fresh, soft and takes off all the impurities.

Next following my must haves for my Skincare morning routine are the Santa Maria Novella products! Last year when I traveled to Florence, Italy with Couturista Travel, they took us to visit the oldest and first pharmacy in the whole world... We got a private tour inside the laboratory, pharmacy and museum all at once and we got to try their products as well. This was one of my highlights of the trip because this products OMG (expression), for me are luxurious and they are made with recipes from the 1600's... all their products feel and are very special to me. I wear them morning and night:

Morning Skincare: After I applied the Bareminerals serum, I spray straight to the middle of my face the Rose water and tap it all over my face, I use it as a toner. Then I apply a tiny amount of the Idralia essence water gel on the tip of my fingers and spread it all out on my face and neck and last I apply the moisturizing and protective cream all over my face and neck in circular motions. I do this skin care routine before I apply primer when preparing skin to wear full make up. Even if I am not going to wear make up that day I do this 3 steps using this Santa Maria Novella products.
Night Skincare: I exfoliate my skin using the Idralia Gentle exfoliating mask, rinse it out with water and i finish my treatment with the Idralia sleeping mask, you will wake up with softer, smooth and glowy skin!
For the morning and night do not forget to put a hydrating eye creme underneath your eyes, straight into those fine lines. I do this last and before applying a primer and during my night skincare routine before applying any serum.
For the Morning skincare: I apply the Estee Lauder Resilence Multi effect eye cream. Next from the same brand I wear this products and steps religiously for my Night Skincare: First I apply the Advance night repair eye serum, underneath your eyes directly to those fine lines, then I tap tap all over my face the Advanced night repair serum and last the Resilence Multi effect night cream.

Another brand and one of my favorite as well is Charlotte Tilbury. For the Morning Skincare and I also wear it during the whole day is the Magic Cream moisturizing (I love all her line btw). I wear this daily after applying my main serum, it leaves your skin hydrated for up to 24 hours, it plumps your skin and reduces wrinkles. Most of this products have Hyaluronic Acid & Vitamin C.

Night Skincare: Like I mentioned before, I switch products every other day, and when I do I wear all over my face and neck the Magic Night cream which is for all ages, especially for Women over 50 years old this one is a must have, as well as the Magic Night Eye rescue tap it underneath your eyes straight on those fine lines. You will wake up with firmer, plumper and healthy looking skin. And again all Charlotte Tilbury products made my skin look glowy instantly.

Lastly for Morning and Night Skincare routine you need to get one of my favorite beauty tools by Michael Todd the Soniceraser Pro which drives your anti aging creams, serums and moisturizers to a deeper level of the epidermis, maximizing all their benefits. It is the perfect beauty tool for anti aging. I use this after applying any cream on my face and neck in circular motions. One other serum I love to use is the daily renewal serum by Michael Todd. You will have a refresh cold feeling on your skin while it is getting hydrated and more firm.

And my last recommendation is by a prestigious brand Erno Laszlo who has been on business since the 1920's and their products have been used by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis, among many others, I totally recommend you to check their history on their website as its fascinating.
Morning Skincare: I have bee using the timeless skin serum which targets signs of aging while improving my skin tone and hydrating my face and neck as well.
Night Skincare: After taking my make up off I use this detoxifying cleansing duo, which dissolves all my skin impurities leaving my skin exfoliated and hydrated.

The majority of this products have anti aging benefits, which I highly recommend them for ages over 35 to 60+.
This blog post has not been sponsored at all, so this are my honest opinions after trying all this products which some have been given to me by the brand as a gift and I keep purchasing them on my own since my skin has changed 360 degrees, my skin tone is at its best, those fine lines are very hard to see now, to say the least I wake up with a glow every morning and most of the time I do not wear make up since my skin looks almost flawless 💛. I really swear by each of this amazing skin care products! Another note I want to share is all those products are perfect for sensitive to very sensitive skin, like mine is 😉.

Hope you all ladies and gentleman enjoyed this post and that are going to try this amazing brands and their products. And remember that they may be pricey but they are totally worth it.



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