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Organize and clean your Wardrobe!!!

Aloha Ladies! Number one question I get from family and friends is: How do I organize my closet? Do I do it by seasons? Do I do it by colors? Do I do it by jackets, shirts, etc?
and the questions can keep coming along. So here I am to tell you the best ways to organize and clean up your closet for the whole year. I personally recommend you to do it at least twice to three times a year, especially when the seasons change (autumn/spring or winter/summer).
The joyful and accomplished feeling this is going to give you is 100% therapeutical, not only you are going to keep the basics and bold pieces you love, you will also realize what pieces you don't wear anymore and the ones you have forgotten you even have them. To make you understand why cleaning up your closet is so therapeutic, Im going to tell you a real story that my Grandma told me a lot of years ago: My Grandma used to go therapy (a psychologist), on one of her fist sessions while talking about her thoughts and feelings her Psycologist asked:
"Juana, how clean and organize is your closet?"-
My grandma Juana responded: "Well, it is a freaking mess, I have clothing on the floor, I have clothes stored in bags, nothing is folded. It is just a mess."-
Psycologist answered: "Well my dear Juana, imagine that your thoughts and feelings right not are like your closet, your mind is your closet."
My grandma Juana keeps this "hidden advice" from her therapist and use this tool as simple as organizing her closet to "organize" her thoughts and feelings at the same time. I took this with me till this day and I swear by it, it works, its therapeutical and again you will feel accomplished.
So once again this is going to help you mentally and physically in knowing what to wear, what do you have, what do you "don't need", how to wear sustainable fashion as its best, and my favorite: to "give", yes all the cluttered clothing or shoes you have on that corner that you finally realized you never wear it anymore you can give those to people in need, donating it and sell those luxurious items as well too.
I am a little bit of an obsessive compulsive organizer since I was a little child, I was that little girl that others will make fun in school for having her pencils box all organized by colors, and don't you dare to grab my pencils and mess them all up, lol yes I'm serious!
Back to business, here are the essentials steps I recommend you to follow, this is what you should do and I'm giving you the essentials steps for organizing, cleaning up your closet and have it ready for summer ( in this case).

1- Hangers: Number one rule, take everything out of your closet, yes everything!!! leave it naked, but leave the hangers on. Next flip all the hangers so the hooks are facing the back of your closet.
2- Organization starts: While you are taking out your clothes from the hangers, start piling up all your winter coats on one corner, since in this case we are going into summer, you want to storage them for the next winter. Do the same with your sweaters, then your scarfs, gloves and hats. I do recommend you to leave out your favorite light weight sweater that you may need (in case of a cold night) out, any light weight trench coat (as we can wear it all year long) I normally recommend you to choose a neutral color, such as white, black or beige as it will go together with any other outfit and color combination.
3- Storage: Now that you have all your seasonal clothing out, in this case your winter clothing, it is time to put it away and storage it. You could use a big plastic bin and put all your coats in there (fold them in half) and remember to label it as "winter coats", "winter shoes', etc. and so on do the same with your sweaters and any thick pattern that you know you wear them the most on winter. You can use this same method with your winter socks and so on. I like to storage everything I know I won't wear on spring/summer.
4- Give, Sell, Toss: While you are putting clothing away (in this case your winter clothing) you are going to start noticing all the pieces you have stopped wearing, or the ones that do not bring you any joy anymore, this is the perfect time to decide what to do with it? Here are some questions you should ask yourself so you can let go of anything that does not bring you joy anymore 😉:
- When was the last time you wore that piece? Does it match any other colors and outfits? Does it bring me joy, would it be fun to wear it again? Is it old and in bad shape? and last, does it give me a nice memory, does it bring you any bad or good feelings? Once you answered yourself all those questions it will help you to decide if you want to toss it, give it to someone in need, or if it has a big value like a luxury item then you should sell it.
5- Colors: This is the funnest part, now is time to start pulling out your spring/summer pieces and organize it by color. Next I am going to show you a color spectrum that you can follow, you can start from the neutrals spectrum (this is how I prefer to do it first).

And then work your way down to the bright color spectrum, and if you are obsessed like me with pastels, you separate the pastel spectrum  at the end; you can see a photo of this tip next.

Organizing it by color is the most beneficiary tip because now you get to know how many duplicates of certain pieces you may have, what you need to stop shopping for, and what are the pieces you need to get rid of as well. Once you see this rainbow in your closet you will be admiring it all day long and trust me, your closet will make you smile every time you are putting a look together.

(color spectrum from Pinterest)

6- Patterns: When it comes to organizing patterns such as animal print, florals and/or sequins, you can put the animal print pieces after the white and next to the browns. On the floral pieces I like to put them with the most predominant color in the pattern. And as for sequins I put them at the end of my color spectrum, which in my case is at the end of the pastels pieces.

7- Length: Once you have the color spectrum neat and organized, you organize your pieces by length such as long to short sleeves from left to right, top to bottoms. As for bottoms same rule long to short and you can put all your denims together and separate you skirts by length and last by colors.
8- Visual: There is a huge truth in "you know what you have when you can see it", when it comes to organizing your shoes you display them by length long to short, for example boots to ankle boots, next is stilettos to pumps, high heel sandals to flat sandals and finish with ballerinas flats to slippers/flip flops.

As for Accessories and Jewelry: If you have a way to display them you will know everything you have, what you need and do not need. The best storage for them are the clear rack holders or clear storage boxes.

This is the best start to clean up your closet, know everything you have and feel empowered after looking at that beautiful rainbow in your wardrobe. Use this same technic when winter comes and you need to put tour spring/summer clothing away.
I have so many more tips when it comes to put outfit togethers, how to have a capsule wardrobe (and its meaning) and how you can wear one particular piece in numerous styles and versatile looks, and what pieces are must have in your wardrobe. So follow along and stay tuned for more styling tips!

PS: Feel free to message me for more questions!!!

Aloha Amici's!

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