Thursday, April 23, 2020

Spring/Summer Colors Trend!

As it may sound odd at this time of the year to talk about trends, fashion in general and unique style due to the obvious reasons and the fact that most of us are living in Pjs 24/7 (at least me) but we can still day dream of all the places we would love to be at this summer
or maybe the next one and why not get those beautiful spring happy colors added to our wardrobe and try to have some fun even getting dressed to get some sunshine in your balcony or garden at home.
This Spring/Summer pallet of colors has given me all the happiest feelings...
As you can see above those are the beautiful Pastels pallet of colors that are going to be fire this season.

Mix of patterns, is another trend that is staying strong. Do not be afraid to missed match patterns and feel free to combine flowers with stripes, the more the more authentic and true to your whole look and authentic style can be 😉.

Sloppy Tailoring what I like to call to loose suits, oversized pants or blazers but combine with the cutest high heels will make your whole outfit look well put together...

Bold, strong colors, one intense color that you choose for your outfit and a pair of jean: Girl you are on trend and chic as ever!

Neon: As part of the intense bold colors you could add to your wardrobe, do not forget that neon is here to stay strong. Definitely will make  statement o your outfit as neon brings the brightest of colors!!!

Do not forget to add one of the main colors this season like a pastel blue/Baby blue and green/Mint!

Hope you all enjoyed my Colors Trend Report... and get all those beautiful, soft pastels added to your wardrobe!!!!

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