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A Tuscany Dream by Couturista Travel...

Ciao Bellas and Bellos!!! Here I am to tell you why you have to, need to and must book the Tuscany trip of your dreams with Couturista travel...

Couturista Travel will give you the dreamy spring or summer vacation in Florence, Tuscany you have ever dreamed of.
Couturista offers a 6 days program where you get a personalized winery tour, the most exquisite Italian cousine right from the most prestigious local Chefs and their Michelin stars restaurants. A VIP shopping experience visiting local Florentine fashion designers and its ateliers, shopping unique deals at high end designers stores without having to make a long wait line because you are the most VIP guest. It also includes a personalized private tour at the Ferragamo museum, a Truffle Hunt at la creme de la creme of truffles in Italy. Getting to know the authentic and unique hand-crafshift of local designers and many more unique experiences you can only have with Couturista CEO and Owner Myriam Angulo who is a local Florentine and wine expertise to this stunningly country and its most fashionable city.
If you are a fashionista, a foodie, an historian and an art lover this is the program for you as it offers an in-depth journey of Florentine artistry and bespoke ateliers. This is a unique experience created just for you.

Here it is what the 6 days program coming this March 16th through 21st of 2020 includes:

(Register now: - 1.877.268.8785)

Day 1: Individual arrivals into Florence. Welcome reception.
Day 2: Florence City Tour: Then & Now: History & Fashion Pitti Costumr Gallery & Ferragamo museums visits.
Day 3: Morning Cashmere factory, visit followed by bespoke Artisans visit and trunk shows.
Day 4: Morning at the Mall Designer Outlet followed by afternoon unique city shops and boutiques.
Day 5: Florence a la Carte: Choose your optional activity:
  • Photo session in the city
  • Make your own perfume.
  • Cooking class in designer kitchen or
  • Enjoy your day at leisure for further shopping, museums and more...
Evening group farewell dinner
Day 6: End of program - Individual Departures.

Also with Couturista Travel everything is taken care of, meaning all you have to do is pack your suitcase with the most cutest outfits and head to the airport... As you get private deluxe accommodations, transportation, daily breakfast and daily lunch or gourmet dinner.
Let's start with my Bedroom view:

I am going to show you my experience on this 6 days program I got to lived with such excitement, happiness and I had to pinch myself since the day I arrived because an experience like this you have to live it to understand all this amazing feelings.
On the arrival 1st Day we had our welcome dinner where we got to met each others, we went through the program and we had the pleasure to have a luxury dinner at one of the most prestigious restaurants in Firenze rated with a Michelin star. We had a 7 course meal it was exquisite. This experience only exclusively provided by Couturista. This was a truly taste of Tuscany high end cuisine.

On the 2nd Day of the program, we enjoyed a wine and cuisine tasting over the hills of Chianti Classico on a medieval Village where the Castello stands in a unique location known for the charm of its history, the power of art and the unique landscape we all have dreamed of when you think about Tuscany. We tasted all kind of different wines, exploring the process of the making of this one of a kind Tuscany wine. We got to explore the 2125 acres of which 383 are devoted to specialized vineyards with the breathtaking landscape of the hills of Tuscany (you got the perfect photoshoot frame also). This day kept being dreamy as we had a 5 course meal that included all the exclusive wine tasting from this unique Winery. 

After spending most of this dreamy Tuscany day at the Castello Vineyard, the exclusive transportation from Couturista picked us up and we got to explore the beautiful, medieval little town of Radda in Chianti...

On Day 3rd of our program, we got up early in the morning and started with a "Florentine Day'' by having a personalized and private tour, learning the history of fashion at the Ferragamo museum which also included the story of new upcoming designers from all over the world that are making a change with sustainable fashion. This day included visiting some unique Florentine fashion designers where we got to visit their ateliers, try on clothes and do some shopping!

This day was just starting! After the morning where we learnt fashion Italian history we headed to the exciting "Truffle Hunt"... We enjoyed this day with some wine tasting but most importantly the hunt for the truffle at a very well known and famous family farm that started in  the 1920's and religiously continued its legacy to be the best known farm in Tuscany and for having the most organic and unique white and black truffles in Italy up in the Tuscany landscapes.
We got to experience the whole hunting process and fell in love with one of the hunters: Yiotto.

Before heading to the hotel on our private transportation we stopped buy a field full of Sunflowers... we didn't have enough time as the day is all planned and we had a dinner to attend. But Myriam the CEO of Couturista let us stopped and we had the million dollar Sunflower shot I liked to call, which was like the cherry on top for this incredible day.

Later on we had the privileged of having a 5 course dinner at another Michelin star restaurant owned by the same Truffle Farm downtown Firenze where every single meal was cooked with fresh truffles and some we even hunted that afternoon. It was a truly tasteful and sophisticated dinner... What a treat Couturista!!! 😋.

On Day 4th, we had the early morning available for leisure which I loved that is part of the program to let you go and explore the city by yourself. So another traveler influencer and I we headed to see the Piazzale Michelangelo and Piazza del Duomo... Here are some of my favorite breathtaking photos:


After this photoshoot session and having explored the most famous and breathtaking views, we headed to spend another Florentine day that included private visits to bespoke ateliers, the best Firenze craftsmanship. This included a lunch in the city and finalized with a Tea ceremony. 
Everything was by walking distance so our first stop was at the Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella, where we had a private tour at the one and only first pharmacy in the whole world since 1612.

We stopped for some amazing lunch as part of the program at a local city restaurant and this was what I ate...

Next we stopped at local bespoke ateliers, if you are a fashion lover this is going to be one of your favorite days... see below.

After visiting all the unique and authentic local Florentine designers we went to a very unique homemade Tea Shop and Caffeteria very known in the Florentine scene, we had all this local Firenze tour by Maria Vittoria Amasino an Argentinian/Italian who is a fashion designer and fashion consultant. Her  knowledge of the fashion world helps to design Couturista's programs, workshops and visits that are truly exclusive and greatly distinguish from other tours.

Later on the day we had another leisure night so I decided to go walk around the city and headed to the Gucci Garden which I had being dreaming to see it since they opened.

Every single day and night was super special and with the company of this amazing Couturista group or even solo time I lived passionely every single second... I also loved this alone dinner at the Piazza della Signoria... Firenze is extremely safe at night, specially on a summer night where visitors stay up till late exploring the city as well, I was one of them.

Day 5th arrived, and I was so so anxious for this day as the most blow mind shopping day was about to happen. We spent the beginning of this day in Italy's most renowned shopping mall where we visited and shop the direct designer outlets of Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Ferragamo, Burberry, Cavalli and many more. The best part is there are always a huge hourly wait line to enter in particularly, at Gucci but we were hosted with a private welcomed by the Mall Manager and had VIP entrance, which meant no lines for us and we enter to the biggest Gucci store in the World, through the back door, which make me feel like a celebrity. This is only provided by Couturista Travel!!! 

After an extensive shopping day, we headed to the city for some delicious and unique gelato, we walked around the city before heading to the Con te Partito unforgettable dinner of your lives.


We ended this wonderful day with a group farewell dinner at La Leggenda dei Frati a 1 star Michelin Restaurant with a 360 view of entire Florence, 7 courses meal and tasting 6 different types of Florentine's wine... This was beyond, one of the most unforgettable dinners of my life a few days before my Birthday...  Couturista Travel made me feel very special and for that I will be eternally grateful... This is one of the reasons why choosing Couturista for a personalized Trip of your Life.

Grazie Mille to all the Couturista Travel partners that made this trip magic. Thank you for all the hospitality and the warm welcome by all the Firenze local people, restaurant's Chef and owners, the local designers and most importantly to the CEO Myriam Angulo for this incredible opportunity that became one of the highlights of my career as a Fashion and Travel writer. 

Go and Register now: - 1.877.268.8785 for the 6 days program coming this March 16th through 21st of 2020. 

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