Saturday, May 30, 2020

Aloha Tribe, women empowering one another.

Alooooha and welcome to the "Aloha Tribe"... 3 and a half years ago I moved to Washington from Maui, Hawaii where I lived almost 12ish years of my Life as an Island Girl... 

Was I ready for the big move? Not at all. All my friends, people I call my Ohana (means family) were all left in Maui, it felt like I left my Life there.
Moving in the city with no friends and not knowing anybody was very tough. Coming from a place where people are the warmest, friendly human beings you will ever meet in your life made it more difficult to adapt to this whole new chapter in my life.
The very first year I tried to network with other Seattle bloggers and honestly I have felt rejected and girls were really cold and the type: "you can't sit with us". I have also experienced for the first time in my life that I was being discriminated because of my "second language and being a foreign, even though I have dual citizenship... Now how did I pass through all those downfalls and disappointments? 
I never give up on finding my own tribe and the right people to connect with... Even on my own, all by myself I kept attending bloggers gatherings and networking till I start meeting and connecting with other wonderful ladies that are from different countries and some were new to Seattle as well.
After two/three years living in Seattle and having my foot mark in the fashion and blogging industry, and getting to be more known I decided to start my own "tribe" a simple group of women to meet for a styled fashion shoot from everywhere, and were everyone is welcome to meet, get to know each others and make friends... it taught me how many women had experienced the same rejection, or had difficulty making new friends. For me this opportunity was the perfect example for spreading my Aloha and Kindness like confetti. 

I have tried numerous times by making a facebook group to get to know more of those ladies that had joined the group, I planned so many fashionable shoots, and "Life gets busy" for some reason or another including my own personal issues at that moment, it never happened! So I said to myself even in the worst circumstances snow or rain I am not cancelling the gathering and someone will show up to connect, network, take photos and simply meet with me...
And so it happened, I made also a group Message on instagram, and let me tell you how surprised I was for the quantity of Women that reached out and was so thrilled to be part of the gathering and styled shoot I was planning to have.
And it did happened, it felt like a blind date lol since I never met this wonderful women in person, only through exchanging here and there some Instagram messages and comments.

We had breakfast together, we introduced each others, shared where we were originally from and our story and experience with the Seattle community, most of us felt the same way when reaching out other bloggers from the area. We laughed, we took photos together and we had brunch with cocktails, it all felt like we knew each others from way before. Till this day we keep being in touch and we can not wait to see each others again and share more of out lives and friendship.
So if you are reading this, do not feel defeated or alone, we are here for you, you have to reach out, make the difference by being your authentic self, don't loose hope, there are many Women out there looking to adjust to a new city, a new community and make new friends and unforgettable experiences. Keep attending (when this Covid is over) networking meetings, events, even alone you will be surprise that there is still kind people out there that will get out of their way and comfort zone and speak to you and try to get to know you!

Now it is time to introduce the ladies that are from the Aloha Tribe... and why Aloha? because coming from the Aloha state of mind, the Hawaiian Islands, Aloha is friendship, Aloha is kindness, Aloha is welcoming others and treating them like if they are your Ohana which means Family 💖.
Here are this beautiful sunshines, please follow them and get to know them!!!

Mabelle, she is an engineer originally from Puerto Rico and she is also a Seattle style and beauty blogger:

Sorina, she is Mompreneur, lifestyle blogger originally from Moldova: @sorinacazazu

Dani, she's from the USA, she is a beauty, lifestyle digital creator: @danitime

Kelly, she is originally from England, she is a style and lifestyle instagram blogger: @kellybarkerrowe

This amazing women are sweet, smart, kind, funny, welcoming, warm, stylish and have the sweetest Heart! Im so honored to have met all of them and can not wait to see you all again!!! 
Here it is a link to the Facebook Group: Aloha Tribe !!!
Please join Us and know that we are here for you, do not feel lonely, we have so much Aloha to be shared and spread!!!


Polly 💕.

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