Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Supporting my Ohana of color!

Aloha Amici... As the ally, diversity, inclusion and equality advocate that I am, and have been all my Life I wanted to dedicate this space on my blog to keep supporting my Ohana of color. 
There are a lot of ways we can have our voice heard, our actions taken accountable and where we can keep fighting for racial justice.
There is no space for Silence! if you are not able (like me) to go out and protest, there are a lot of ways you can still take actions:
  • Donate to BLM organizations.
  • Send emails to governors of the state to demand justice (I’ve Emails addresses, message me if you need them).
  • Support and shop your local Black owned businesses.
  • Sign petitions.
  • Spread the word and reach out to the boutiques and brands you have collaborated with or promote and pledge for the 15%. Do it on local shops too.
  • VOTE!
  • Call and talk to your Ohana of color and show them your love, aloha and support.
  • And again: DON’T BE SILENT! Keep moving, keep taking actions!!!
I want you to meet, support and shop from this amazing entrepreneurs, fashion and jewelry designers, stylists, community builders, party planners and just the most kind souls I had the pleasure to meet some of them in person!

You can click on their name and a link will take you to their Instagram page, make sure to check their website business, follow along, support and share!

Frilancy: @frilancy She is a fashion stylist, entrepreneur and the owner of Rabecca Onassis Boutique @rabecaonassisboutique . I want to tell a little personal story about Fri, she was the first and only one person that opened her arms to me and invited me to her Bridal Shower and Wedding when she did not know me at all but she knew how hard it was for me to make friends and be accepted in the Seattle community. Her kind actions have warmed my heart, for that and her unique, loving and authentic soul I will always love her and I will be grateful for it. Her style and loving relationship with her husband is very inspiring and powerful!!!

Rossario George: He is the designer and CEO of @rossario_george He is a very talented designer with his own beauty, clothing, shoes and accessories line that have been seen on publications like Vogue, GQ, Elements and many others! I had the pleasure of learning about Rossario recently and by the conversations we had he has the kindest soul ever!!! Please check his website and learn more about this talented designer: Rossario George.

Lashonya: She is a Seattle fashion stylist, blogger and a community builder too! She is part of my Aloha Tribe and I love her style, her power in giving back to the community, her sweetness, kindness and all the support and awareness  she brings to the blogging and influencers community! Check her website and portfolio at:

Mariame: @avecbongo . She is a Seattle fashion, travel and lifestyle blogger, a community builder and an advocate of sustainable living. I have recently had the pleasure of meeting her through Insta. and she is part of the Aloha Tribe as well. I love her sweet soul, her distinguished style and all her honest support and awareness she brings to the community. Visit her Blog: Life Style steps

Richard: @richardmeharry He is the founder of "A man about Style" He is a very known fashion and lifestyle Vloger and a community builder! I had the pleasure to meet Richard, he is full of energy, kind and always collaborating with other influencers. He is the truth example of "community over competition". He has an incredible and unique sense of style.

Asa: @laceandpearlsblog She is a the owner and jewelry designer of Lace and Pearls Jewelry  and a Seattle Style blogger: She makes very unique, sophisticated and beautiful jewelry. Her designs speak for themselves and her smile says Kindness and sweetness all over!!! 

Patty: @partybypatty She is the owner and founder of "Party by Patty" she is a party decor and an event planner!!! Now you know who you need for your next celebration! Follow and check her beautiful decor along to her party packages!!!

Fauzia: @lamainbeauty She is the owner and founder of Lamain Beauty a make up and beauty products line that is cruelty free, vegan and gluten free all made in the USA. Get ready to submerge yourself in the most colorful and bold palette of colors!!! 

Alicia: @mystylishside She is a style Influencer and a  fashion, travel Blogger. She has a beautiful, colorful and unique style. I had the pleasure of meeting Alicia recently through Zoom, she is full of joy and kindness. She is part of my Aloha Tribe too 💗 Shop Alicia's looks here: Like to Know it.

Kate: @katesmensahdesigns She is the owner and designer of Kate S Mensah, a luxury ready to wear designs and accessories. I love her influence in mixing cultures from Paris, Africa and Asia. 

Valerie: @valeriemadisonjewelry She is the owner and designer of Valerie Madison Jewelry, a unique engagement rings and a line of fine jewelry. She does custom made designs and they are all handcrafted by her. You will be investing in high quality precious metals. All made in Seattle, WA.

Erika: @theoulacompany  She is the owner and designer of The Oula Company an exquisite clothing line, made with sustainable fashion, vintage textures and patterns, full of live and vibrant. They are very functional and durable designs with a very unique signature.

Malika: @likaloveboutique She is the owner of LikaLove Boutique, she carries on her lovely boutique beautiful clothing, shoes, accessories and she also offers a styling service. Be ready to shop the cutest and versatile clothing!!!

Sharae: @mypassion2purpose Miss Sharae is a Health Coach, with all her knowledge and experience she helps people that have a hard time loosing weight. She offers from coaching to meal plans and a lot of wisdom. Follow her blog for a lot of amazing and motivational information! 

Diamond: @satoriboutique She is the owner of Satori Boutique, it is a multi brand boutique that sells very unique selected designers. Full of comfortable, versatile and functional garments. 

Sarah: @sshropshire This beauty is a model and a creative stylist. You will love her beauty and unique aesthetic, it is super inspiring!!! 

Curtis: @thebrightreport He is a personal Stylist and Fashion Blogger of The Bright Report . He offers unique, bold sense of style. He offers is styling services from events, to fashion advice or a wardrobe makeover.

Thank you so much for reading and most importantly for supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement. Remember to keep taking actions, to educate those who do not understand and fight against racism.
I live you with something I wrote recently, hope this inspires and open peoples eyes and hearts...

"When I look at you my eyes go blind, I can’t see a color on your skin, what I can only see is your heart ❤️I’ve been educated to always see like this and be this way. Please educate yourself. Nobody is born racist. Your education and background made you that way. You were born to see with eyes of kindness so train your eyes to see with your heart. It will make a big difference in the world we live in today and it will set free to those who have been let down, hurt and broken in pieces. It will open your heart, it will open your eyes and it will make one day this world a peaceful place to live in where race is not a word anymore because we are and always will be all equal. It’s our responsibility as allies to fight, to demand justice and to educate those to be the change! It’s never too late to try to find kindness within yourself and to try to understand that in the eyes of the Universe, God, Buddha, and whomever you believe in: WE ARE ALL EQUAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾✊🏽✊

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