Saturday, August 6, 2011

Because You Love Me

For all those times you stand by me
For all the truth that you make me see
For all the joy you bring to my life
For all the wrong that you make right

For every dream you make come true
For all the love I find in you
I'll be forever thankful, baby

You're the one who heal me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who see me through
Through it all

You are my strength when I am weak
You are my voice when I can't speak
You are my eyes when I can't see
You see the best there is in me

Lift me up when I can't reach
You give me faith 'cause you believe
I'm everything I am
Because you love me.

You give me wings and make me fly
You touch my hand I can touch the sky
I lose my faith, you give it back to me
You say no star is out of reach

You stand by me and I stand tall
I have your love, I have it all
I'm grateful for each day you give me

Maybe, I don't know that much
But I know this much is true
I am blessed because
I am love by you

You are always there for me, the tender wind that carry me
The light in the dark shining your love into my life
You've been my inspiration through the lies you are the truth
My world is a better place because of you

I'm everything I am
Because You Love Me <3

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