Friday, September 19, 2014

Bikini State of Mind

Yes! Living it up on one of the most beautiful states: HAWAII where we were bikinis the 360 days of the year... Cant complain.
Coming from South America I have noticed that wearing brazilians bottoms here in the United States was not so common till a few years ago. Woman are empowering more their confidence, showing their attributes and giving more "freedom" to their bootay tan :)
I have come to the conclusion too, duh, that living in Hawaii we were more swimwear than any other daily outfits...
Im delighted by all the amazing local designers we have here in Hawaii and shopping for swimsuits has become a monthly, weekly thing lol!!!
This year two of my favorite girls I have been following on Instagram, they are the absolute beach, golden, dream girls... We haven't meet in person yet but they are one of those kind of people you feel like you already know them... I love their transparent beauty!!!
Candice Sunflowerkitten and Brooke Larson who is also the designer of Salt on the Rocks have launched their Swimwear line Hideaway Swimwear.
All made by hand and with love. I love the fabric, the fit with brazilian styles and the pallets of colors their bikinis have.

Wearing beautiful swimwear that is made with hands and love its my favorite thing to do on my free time!!!

But I also have to remember to take care of my hair and skin... I have discovered lately products for my hair and skin that are non toxic, made with all organic ingredients and without harmful products.
Im a pelo loca (mad hair lady) and i wear hair extensions... Every time I get in the beautiful salty blue ocean I am concerned of how tangled my extensions are going to get and the sodium its not that good for your hair neither... Till I started using Ava Anderson Non Toxic Hair Detangler!!!
To give you an idea how nutrients my hair and detangles it, here is a list of all the components this product has: organic aloe vera juice, cetyl alcohol sourced from coconut oil, olive fruit oil, radish root ferment and organic coconut oil.
To have my skin protected from the UV rays I have been using Ava's Sunscreen as well!!!
Those are my beach bag Essentials, you cant go without them to the beach!

Hope you check this lovely ladies Swimwear line and take care of your hair, skin and body using non toxic ingredients and staying healthy!!!



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