Friday, August 28, 2015

Nothing like Home...

I am born and raised in the "City of Faith": Lujan located on the north west of the city of Buenos Aires (capital of Argentina). My city Luján is best known for its large neo-gothic Basilica, built in honor of the Virgin of Luján, the patron saint of Argentina. Every year, more than six million people make pilgrimages to the Basilica,  many walking there from Buenos Aires. The city is known as La Capital de la Fe (Capital of the Faith). 
I used to walk every single day from home to my high-school... Being all this years so far away from home and coming back again makes you appreciate more how precious and beautiful are your roots, the streets you walked in, the amazing cathedral thousands of devout people celebrate every year and your whole hometown like you have never seen it before!!!

I arrived home right by the end of autumn and the begining of winter... Living on the Hawaiian islands with a summer temperature the 360 days of the year, you can imagine that winter to me is my most missed season, so I was pretty fortunate to be able to wear lots of fur coats, scarfs, and high boots.

Showing around to the Love of my Life, my hometown...

Information about Basilica de Lujan from Wikipedia -


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