Monday, March 28, 2016

Europe: 1st stop LONDON!!!

The first time I went to Europe was 15 years ago. I was 14 years old and did an interexchange program which I stayed with a foreign family in Cambridge, UK to study english. While I was there I stayed for almost 2 months and visited Scotland, France and Germany.

It was about time to go back to Europe... this time I went back with my Dad, yes it was a father and daughter kind of trip and this is the beginning of the trip that made 2015 the best Year of my Life!!!
This trip was a Birthday surprise which my husband didn't got to go but was entirely part of this B-day present, with that said, I planned and made a list of places to visit really last minute. So after knowing last last minute and literally while packing a day before I was departing I made a check list (that I am going to share with you) of the must see places in London: 
- London Eye
- Buckingham Palace
- Palace of Westminster
- Big Ben
- Tower Bridge
- St. Paul's Cathedral
- Hyde Park
- Trafalgar Square
- National Gallery
- Tower of London
- Kensington Palace
We stayed at a hotel that is located on the "trendy" area of the moment: Shoreditch is an inner city district in the historic East End of London and modern Central London[1] within the London Borough of Hackney, lying immediately to the north of the City of London. (Wikipedia). This goes for the WOMAN: everyday walking there was like a Mens wear Fashion show!!! British man dressed up more detail oriented than woman and if you like toxidos that is the place to be ;)

Papa getting in the subway...

Funniest thing ever: we were in London while the Rugby World cup was going on there so the argentinian Rugby team: Los Pumas were in town so all the sport reporters, who interviewed us from all the way back home Argentina!!!
London Eye

Big Ben:
Wearing: dress by Chada, fringed vest by Koxis, boots by Marraquech, purse by Chanel, hat by Forever 21 and sunglasses by Rayban.

Palace of Westminster:

St. Paul's Cathedral:

Sunset through the Big Ben and a lovely bride...

Buckingham Palace:

Wearing: Hat by Lack of Colors, Coat by Guess, Skirt by Banana Republic, Blouse by Forever 21 and shoes by Zara.

The O2 Stadium

Argentinian Restaurant at the O2

Tower of London:

A little french cuisine while exploring the Tower of London castle...

To be continue...


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