Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Goodbye 2017!

Winter has arrived and it has been my first year living in Seattle, Washington. Last year when I first arrived my winter was really dark wearing too much black, meaning I was adjusting to this new place I get to call home after moving from Hawaii where I spent 11 years of my life.

It was a very long transition getting used to this weather. Waking up everyday in my last 11 years of my life with the sun shinning on my face, the sound of the waves, the sand on my feet to now experiencing the exact opposite wasn't very easy.
Moving to Seattle was not planned, it happened like a blink of an eye since I was vacationing in Argentina when my hubby calls me and tells me that we are moving to Washington as soon as I come back from Buenos Aires to Hawaii. With that said I was not mentally, emotionally and physically ready for such a big move. But like anything I went with the flow.

I was not ready for such a huge transition, I was leaving my Mana (land), my Ohana,  the best job I ever had, a beautiful house a few steps by the beach... my amazing lanai where I got to see whales jumping while cooking a meal... I mean COME ON I was leaving Paradise.
It was a very hard winter and a very moody, grey, cold first months of the year in 2017. I experienced dark feelings for the first time in 11 years, had no motivation at all and I had forgotten how to smile... I would cry myself to sleep at night missing the sound of the ocean. I remember the first few months I would wake up not knowing where I was... That is how hard it was for me.
I was missing everything and everyone. I asked myself why I was experiencing those feelings, why was I not happy when I was surrounded by a lot of support, love, family and a bunch of pair of Gucci shoes lol. Still till summer came I had a very hard time adjusting to everything. So looking at how 2017 went it was a year full of lessons and emotional challenges. It taught me a few things:


To value, to not take things for granted, to value everything we have around us and I am not talking about material things. I am talking about what this Universe give us, the ocean, the sand, the sun, the energy, the power of love that the mana (hawaiian land) has gave me.
To value the friendships I have, the friends that I call my Ohana (family), the people who have been there for me in good and bad times, who loves me for who I am and can see through my soul. I was surrounded by the most beautiful, thoughtful, positive, loving people you could ever ask for, like I said they are my family, every single person I call my friend in Hawaii.
And strength, every time I was having a rough day here in WA, every time I asked myself when am I  going to smile again and every time I saw a cloud instead of the sun I said to myself good times are coming, I'm fighting this, and going through this because the best is yet to come... it sounds easy to say but it really is.  You have to be strong when hard time hits you... and of course there are always worst situations than the ones you think you are going through.
And looking back now, learning from last year I ended up the year with one of the most beautiful experiences this Universe has gave me, which many of you know, was going to Easter Island and meeting part of my family I have there, being with my family in Argentina, and coming back to WA and doing what I love which is related to fashion and blogging :)
Always remember that what is happening to you right now either is a good or bad experience is leading you to where you want to be. No matter how hard it can get, Life is simply teaching you something you need to know. And that the best us yet to come... Always!

There are a lot of things I wanted to say in this post but are negative and it is about people I have met in this state, with that said let me put it this way: I wish people from Washington go once a year to Hawaii to come back with some ALOHA spirit. I believe that I am in this place right now to share it, spread it and be it: ALOHA! lol
Hope if you ever down or relate to feeling down like I did, to know and believe that we all go through things in Life to learn from it, to make us stronger and to also make us a better person!
C' est la Vie!


Those photos were taken by one talented, amazing lady I have met recently: Kiara here it is her link for her amazing photography and to book her: Cherry Snapshot 

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