Friday, April 20, 2018

Paris in 4 days? I got ya! (Part II)

On my latest post "Le Weekend in Paris" I started Part I telling you how to plan a visit to Paris in a short stay following my "Paris in a circle map. So far we have visited in the first 2 days:
- Notre Dame
- Trocadero
- Eiffel Tower
- Pont Alexandre III
- Champs-Elysees
- Arc de Triomphe.

On our 3rd day in Paris, we woke up early and took a little longer train ride to Versailles. Now read carefully, if you want to see the Versailles Palace inside and the gardens you should buy tickets before you arrive and make sure you are in line around 6.30 or 7 am in the morning. Here it is a link to get your tickets in advance: Tickets. Unfortunately when we arrived there was a waiting line of 4 hours and even longer to enter inside the Palace, so we decided to explore the beautiful gardens and parks instead.
If you already booked the tickets the line is less than 20 minutes of wait to enter to the Versailles gardens. Grab your camera and be ready to take photos of the "art of perspective" gardens and a rainbow of colorful flowers!

Walking through the same gardens Maria Antoinette walked by was a beautiful experience. I am leaving you a link to learn more about the royal french history and the Palace of Versailles. There is also a fountain show and a musical at the gardens that I wish we saw (next time 😉), so right on that same  link you can learn more about the times and dates for those shows. Do not miss it!
Next day (4th day) we head to Montmartre, north of Paris with two combinations on the metro (depends on your primary location) and a long "hike" through this large hill with narrow streets.
Montmartre is mostly known for its white domed Basilica of the Sacre-Coeur on its summit, its artistic history and also as a nightclub district. This was my third time visiting Sacre-Coeur Basilica and it has always been very emotional for me, I came here on my very first trip abroad when I was only 14 years old, then I had the blessing to come with my dad and this time with my mom.


On this last day in Paris, after visiting the breathtaking views on Montmartre, we head to see the sunset at the Eiffel Tower where we also had dinner under the Eiffel Tower night lights...

Hope you all enjoy this Parisian long weekend! Stay tuned because next we are heading back to Italy where we are going to explore the beautiful Milan, Rome, the Amalfi Coast and last back to Venice!

Bon Voyage!!!


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