Sunday, December 1, 2019

The colorful Burano Island!

Aloha! If you are going to travel to Venice, you have to dedicate one or two days to exploring this beautiful island.
Burano is known for its beautiful colorful houses, it feels like walking through a rainbow and Murano Island is known for its beautiful "Murano Glass" those famous glass beads are made in this colorful island as well.
A lot of people get confused when visiting one or the other because their Island name only difference is a B (Burano) and an M (Murano) so before hopping on the ferry make sure you are going to the Island you want to see.
Like i said you can spend one day visiting both, you can hop on the ferries to go from one to the other, or you can dedicated a full day exploring each of them. They are both very small little Islands.
My momma and I explore first Murano, she went crazy with the Murano glass and got so many souvenirs.
Stop by the Murano glass museum and visit all the shops as they all offer unique beautiful glass jewelry, souvenirs and glass sculptures. Here it is more info: Murano Island.
We took the ferry from Venice harbor and hop on around noon to spend the whole day in Burano. It was a super hot summer day and the ferry was absolutely packed, so I totally recommend you that ig you are visiting Venice in Summer, make sure you take the ferry early in the morning to avoid the big crowds.
We arrived at lunch time and the first thing we saw was this sure cute restaurant on a corner of a beautiful red building full of fresh seafood, one word: Delightful lunch, see it yourself:

Lunch is served Bella: 😋

 La Nona!

There is one cute embroidery 'all handmade' shop you can not miss:

Hope you enjoy scrolling down getting a taste of Burano Island. it was a very peaceful, joyful and colorful day in this beautiful little Island of Venezia.


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