Sunday, October 1, 2023

Hello 2023, I am back!


Aloha, long time no see, three years passed since the last time I wrote for all of you. Wow, three years... What have not happened? :D Life itself, some dearest lost, painful heartaches, beautiful dreams that came true and like Phenix that came through out the ashes, stronger and with the most beautiful personal and physical change.
Life is measure by those big wins and those loses, how it defines you and shapes you into the person you are today. 
I am grateful today for the heartache I have been through last year, loosing Valentino, my 12 year old bunny, my lil old man, my first pet. That enormous pain, made me hit rock bottom and searched for myself; search for the fun, confident, secure, happy, joyful, social Polly I had been in the past but was lost and overwhelmed in pain. 
I stood up and one Monday on August 18th I changed my life forever. Change starts from within, from the inside out. I changed my lifestyle, what I eat, I exercise daily and I became a social butterfly going out with vitamin friends, even going out dancing and staying up after 2 am. Living, creating moments and staying present in the moment. All these changes took some sacrifices, it still takes consistency, discipline and motivation to keep my journey steady and focus. 

I realized that I stopped writing during Covid, where we all went through some ups and downs, isolation hit us hard, but as the world started to open up, so I did. 
Last year I lost Valen but Louigi aka Loui brought all the joy, love and fun into my life, so does Santina; 

This year two dreams of mine came true, just recently my Mom came to visit me from Argentina by herself, something I have dreamed my whole "Americana life" and to say the least I went to a Coldplay concert which I dreamed about it for years. It was magical! On top of these I also had the best summer time ever with the fun and joyful company of my girlfriends.

It is crazy to think this beautiful year ends in two months, do not forget you are never late for a change, never late to pursue anything your heart desires and always wanted to be the best version of yourself.
Keep living the present moment, do something good for the world and spread kindness like confetti.
Much love and aloha to you, thank you for reading <3.


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