Friday, August 6, 2010


Today: so this morning before work, i met up by coincidence with a person that i didnt see around for a while... we started to talk about our lifes,etc, and in general, how busy we were... this person asked me: so... are you in a relationship? he asked, because of the stories and what we were talking about how busy our lifes were... so I answered yes, i am! He goes really? Lucky for you, so whos the lucky guy? and I go: Oh well im in a relationship with Valentino... (lol), he goes: whos the gentleman?, so I answered, Valentino its my bunny! - laugh's
We laughed about it, and the reason im sharing this its because i dont only laugh about myself, wich its the funny "thing" in this case... but its  just that i think that we have the freedom to choose when we want to be alone, by ourselves and just be at home with our little pet, or just enjoy the lonely moment of be sitting at the beach reading a book, or enjoying the sound of the ocean with wet, cold feets in the sand... or we just enjoy being ALONE! Im a believer that, if you wanna be with somebody, you will be no matter what, but if you choose to be alone, and enjoy the beauty of life by ourself, its your choise too, and i dot find it as an act of selfishness... "Life's too short & nothing last forever. So live it up. Drink it down. Laugh it off. Avoid the bad things & Never have regrets because at one point: What you did was exactly What You Wanted and what you are now, is where you wanna be now"


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