Monday, August 17, 2015

A journey of thousands miles begins with a single step...

Going back more than 6 months ago... 2014 was the beginning of my traveling journey...

First stop -------> LAX
The city of Angels... in order to start a 3 months vacation which I will tell you all about that journey later on, I had to go to L.A to renew my passport so I could travel aboard...
But I was not going to only do that... L.A. it is known for the city of celebrities, glamour, fashion and Hollywood, so I decided to act like one lol, I started doing some "little shopping" and had a private chofer (Uber) that drove me all around the city. Sooo L.A style :P

Which by the way Uber is the best, safe and easy way to get around in any other city at a super affordable price and faster than a cab (download the app) from any place in the world. Use code: pollyc46 for a free ride :)

Beverly Hills

I was dreaming for this moment all my fashion Life ;P

Sheraton Gateaway Lax

I only stayed in L.A. for a few days so I planned ahead which were the places I wanted to see in a short little time... That's the best way to do it so you don't miss your favorites places and those you were dying to go when you look at that Instagram photo :p
So after a day of a "dreamy shopping"I woke up the next day with a yummy Breakfast at Tiffany's I meant breakfast in bed :p and headed to The Grove...

The Grove

Last but no least, I headed to LACMA:

That was the Museum I was dying to see... just beautiful!!!

Goodnight L.A.

Next stop -----> WA


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