Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Thanksgiving in WA

After a few days in L.A. I arrived on time in the lovely town of Olympia in Washington to spend Thanksgiving with my family in law.
Washington has not only my Man but also my heart; we go there at least once a year to visit family, and everytime we go, we don't want to leave. It is so green, so peaceful, so many nature to see, it is for me another type of paradise and we see each others living there in a near future :)

Dia de Gracias a lo Americano (Thanksgiving: American Way)

There are thousands of things to do in Washington... the cozy cold weather is perfect to grab those warm pair of boots, a nice furry coat, a pompom hat and go explore all the beauty this amazing state has to offer... I'm a lover of cold, rainy weather so you can imagine why I would love to move there...
This is just walking around by my In laws house, a deep mysterious forest, lovelies deers running around, a scary bear sniffing around... This is what Im talking about :)

As part of being in Washington you have to always go fish or at least get a taste of a fresh stealhead salmon trout fish...

Another thing you can not miss in Washington is a long, wide amazing beach like:
West Port Beach west coast of Seattle

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