Friday, January 29, 2016

Argentinian Popurri

Back at it again... 2015 was one of the BEST years of my Life!!! So much happened, so many flights rides and dreamy places visited that I could not keep up writing.
Busy year which I spent 3 months vacationing in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Was there between autumn and winter time... so many looks and furry coats:
Here it is my argentinian popurri of looks ;)

For this lovely late autumn afternoon I wore: Looney Tunes Dress 47 Street (Argentinian brand), Denim blazer by Michael Kors, Shoes 2020AVE  and reading glasses by MiuMiu.

Rain means Hunter boots :P, a good trench coat and a pinky Umbrella!!! Umbrella from Seattle, Washington by Bella Umbrella, Sweater by Little Starlet Boutique, Trench coat by Allo Martinez (argentinian designer) and Rain Boots Hunter.

In between spring and winter air... Wearing: Summer dress by Acacia , Coat by Koxis (argentinian brand), Gladiator shoes by Team Wardrobe and Sunglasses Rayban Clubmaster.

Literally this whole look was "styled" by my Papa... He gifted me the animal print coat by Sora (argentinian brand), the Traveler leather bag by La Martina Polo Club and the amazing Hat by the historical argentinian brand Lagomarsino 1891. Cat eye Sunglasses by Yves Saint Laurent, NYC shirt, Skater Skirt by Forever 21 and the handcrafted amazing cowboy boots by Wild and Free Jewelry.

This day back home during autumn time, felt more like a summer day as the temperature rised up... made me missed less home in Hawaii. Was the perfect day to grab this denim shorts, a vintage shirt found at a local vintage store from my hometown in Lujan, Buenos Aires and a pair of fringe colorful sandals. Sunnies by Rayban, denim shorts by Forever 21 and Fringed sandals by The Team Wardrobe

Winter my favorite season of the year because I love wearing furry, cozy coats, warm stylish hats and hot boots. Wearing Hat by Forever 21, coat by Koxis and boots by Wild & Free Jewelry.

Cut my hair short and enjoyed wearing handmade knit hats made by a knitting vintage boutique from my hometown. Wearing: necklace by Little Starlet Boutique, skater skirt by Forever 21 and boots by Louis Vuitton.

Blossom pink winter day, wearing: Hat by Lack of color, top by Forever 21, Jeans by gap, Faux pink fur coat and crossbody bag by Little Starlet and pink bump shoes by Zara.

Animal print and black musts for winter, wearing: Black dress by Chada Lujan (home town boutique), Animal print faux fur coat by Sora, necklace by DDSLL Girls

Wearing: Hat by Lagomarsino, butterfly dress by Chada Lujan, Mint coat by Awada and clubmaster sunnies by Rayban.

Furry Winter wearing Faux fur coat by Little Starlet Boutique, floral dress by Bliss Night (boutique from hometown Lujan), Boots from marraquech, Sunnies by Rayban and Gypsy crossbody bag by Little Starlet Boutique.

Last but not least: One of my Summer- autumn favorite outfits, I wore sunglasses by Rayban, hat, embroidery top and denim shorts by Forever 21, white sandals by 2020AVE and White long jacket by Chada (hometown boutique).

Mahalo for your visit! 


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