Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Off to San Juan and Mendoza!

To be on vacation is to enjoy precious time with your family and go hop on an airplane and go visit your best friends :)

That is what I did... The weather conditions were the worst that day, all the international flights were cancel due to the haze and literally my flight was the only one that flew since the rain made the vision for the pilots a little clear.
I went to visit my friend Juli, she lives in San Juan is the capital city of the Argentine province of San Juan in the Cuyoregion, located in the Tulúm Valley, west of the San Juan RiverIt is a modern city with wide streets and well drawn avenues with wide sidewalks and vegetation of different species of trees irrigated by canals, from which it derives its nickname oasis town

We went also on a little road trip and drove to a different state that limits with Chile, Mendoza:

We had an amazing time exploring historical monumental places and driving around the state... While walking around found this amazing art wall!

Hope you are enjoying seeing where I am from and what a beautiful country Argentina is :)


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