Tuesday, November 28, 2017

A traditional Argentinian Stay!

Every year I go on a 3 months vacation that includes visiting my Familia back home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This year was pretty special since we celebrated my Papa's 60th Birthday.
We celebrated it staying in one of the most famous and chosen by foreign visitors ranch: Estancia El Ombu. It's an historical estancia located about an hour from downtown Buenos Aires in San Antonio de Areco a birth place of the gaucho tradition. The estancia was built in 1880 in a late Colonial Style mansion. You will experience a whole Argentinian tradition from eating an amazing asado (Argentinian barbecue), the 5 o'clock Tea meal with traditional pastries, a dance after dinner with gauchos (chamame), homemade deserts by them and a super special horse ride with the company of gauchos.

Get this comfy look here:



The Estancia has nine colonial style bedrooms with suite bathrooms, tall large windows with the stable and horses view, a central heater you will enjoy in fall/winter time and an old piano which is totally a plus!
This was my little sister and I bedroom:

Outfit details: Floral shirt from Zara, Floral sweater from Forever 21 and Rain boots Hunter.

As you can see it is a beautiful and lovely place to experience a traditional Argentinian stay in the countryside with a lot of history.
Coming to this Estancia was a surprise from my dad to us, he has been at El Ombu before. The service from the "asador" (barbecue chef), the servers in the kitchen to the gauchos was absolutely the best you will ever experience! Everybody was super kind, thoughtful and make you feel at home. The Estancia is run as a family business and they are all very successful let me tell you that! All the meals were made from scratch and even the meat came from their own farm.
This is our merienda (like tea time around 4 or 5 before dinner)

On our first day we pretty much relaxed, ate amazing food as you can see and mostly spent quality time all together. It was great relaxing at one of the mansion's living room which is a very spacious common room where guests like us can enjoy some satellite tv, a game of chess or cards, play some ping-pong or a round of billiards. 

A stroll around the 10 acres estancia full of gardenias, eucalyptus, roses, lime trees and a natural lagoon with also small water courses that runs trough the Areco river which is the habitat of over a thousand birds species and beautiful friendly horses.

 My Papa with my one and only adorable nephew Pedrito:

Next day before my Papa's birthday celebration begins, the weather was more helpful and we had some rays of sunshine so we went on a horse ride around the beautiful and peaceful estancia.
This is Gaucho Juan who make my beautiful horse ready for the horseback ride.

For my Papa's birthday dinner I pumped myself up and wore my birthday presents... I also did a mini outfit shoot in our colonial style house in the estancia:


Next morning the staff at El Ombu baked for my old man a delicious cake with dulce de leche and as they were already so kind and amazing to us they dedicated a chamame dance and a happy birthday song with gauchos and dancers included!

I am proud I have gifted my Papa a pair of Gucci loafers he fell in love with, he is one of the most stylish man I know, really! Was a super emotional moment he woke up on his birthday and came to see me, he was crying (per usual) while reading a letter I wrote him. The whole stay was so special because we were all together in such special event.

To finish this special blog I hope you all enjoy it and consider going to Buenos Aires and stay at this amazing Estancia to experience a real Argentinian traditional and cultured stay.

 WHERE: For more info click the Link below
Estancia El Ombu 


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