Monday, November 20, 2017

Venezia: Con te partiro...

To continue with the story of this enchanted dream, we started our day having breakfast slash cocktails (lol) at the most famous cafe in Venice: Cafe Lavena
which was established since 1750 and it became my favorite cafe not only for the years of history, but also for having from 9.30 am till midnight, an orchestra that includes some live opera all day long it just gives you chills! Like I have said before I pinched myself a thousand times.

The moment I have been dreaming became true: Riding in a Gondola in Venezia. 



After this dreamy gondola ride, we went back to Piazza San Marco to dance by the sweetest violins, opera singers and get a cup of coffee somewhere in the enchanted Venezia... Hope you enjoy the many photos down below: 
A video of this exact moment in my Youtube Chanel

 It is true Venezia is for the eternal romantic people. There is so much love in the air, you will feel it the moment you arrive in Venice.

As many of you may knowI went back to Venice last year with my Mom and we explore all the beautiful Islands in Venice. So stay tuned for my next Blog about exploring Venice as its deepest!
Con te partiro... Venezia! 


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