Thursday, November 9, 2017

An Enchanted Dream: VENEZIA!

Venezia... Oh Venezia!!! The moment I saw the Gondolas, the architecture, the tenors singing to couples, the Piazza San Marco, the piano, a violin and some bella Italiana signing to the crowd I must say I pinch myself about 100 times.

Being in Venezia is like opening a fairy tale book where the main character is you and you have been enchanted by a beautiful, dreamy, fairy tale city... the rest of this enchanted story you will see it through my photos next and please go to my Travel Instagram @girlsontheglobe to see the Videos from this trip.
This was my very first time in Italy, my grandparents from my father's side were Sicilians, so I knew in the bottom of my Heart, not only for having Italian heritage, that I was going to fall in love with Venezia and with Italy in general.
I am a very passionate person, and as crazy as this might sound, the same way you fall in love with a person, I can fall in love with a city, a smell, a sight, a kind gesture from a stranger, la pasta, the gelato... I just fall in love with places lol, and it happened with Venezia. I lived my very own fairy tail, enchanted dream while I was there. And I was blessed enough to share it with my Papa who we both are very proud to know we belong to such a beautiful culture.

Venezia is the capital of Italy northern region Veneto, it is surrounded by 100 little islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea where theres no roads just canals which makes you feel so enchanted.
It seems little but once you start walking around Venice, there are so many canals and narrow little streets within the Piazza San Marco that it is almost like walking around a maze.
So to know where are you going, to have a start point and see the most of Venice I made a list of the must places to see:
- Piazza San Marco
- Basilica San Marco
- Rialto Bridge
- Bridge of Sighs
- Grand Canal
- Teatro La Fenice
- Ca' d'Oro
 There is so much more to see like visiting Murano, Burano Island and Lido de Venezia where the beaches are; but considering that I went this first time for only a few days, those are the "must see" in a short period of time.

We stayed in Mestre, which is the most populated city of the mainland of Venice.  We drove by car to the "harbor of Venice" and from there you take a ferry to go the main Venezia little towns through the canals. The little ferries can take you also to Murano, Burano, Lido de Venezia, and other little islands around. 
The view all around it is just breathtaking...

Even in a great, rainy day Venice it is just BEAUTIFUL!!!
Our first stop was Piazza San Marco

Walking around by the fashionistas every desire street :D lol! Venezia fashion is so feminine, sophisticated. The venetian woman has a super classy style, they would be riding a bike with their Louis Vuitton on the bicycle basket. Every detail of their outfit it is so well put together its distinguishable and so delightful to see.

Every end of January and beginning of February Venezia has its annual event: Its Carnevale. The Carnival ends with the Christian celebration of Lent, forty days before Easter, on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. In the 18th century Venezia originated the public use of the masks. 
It is definitely on my list to be back in Venice for the Carnevale!

Walking around these canals, taking it all in, sighing 100 times and pinching myself too! Officially IN LOVE with you Venezia!<3 p="">

We were feeling hungry like this Nono looking at that attractive menu... So it was time for some Venetian delicate food!

Those were the best Venetian Calamari fresh from the Adriatic sea, I ever eaten in MY LIFE! And that is my Papa with his typical italian gesture of joy while waiting for his yummy pasta. 

Happy belly happy life! Can't you tell my happiness right here:

Next stop is Teatro La Fenice, it's an opera house and one of the most famous, known landmarks in the history of Italian theatre and opera as a whole. There is so much history about La Fenice, in 1774 it was called Teatro San Benedetto but it burned to the ground. But in 1792 was rebuilt and inaugurated as Teatro La Fenice which means "rise from the ashes". Opera singers like Bellini, Rossini and Verdi performed here! For more info and history click here La Fenice.


Next we walked our way to the main Piazza San Marco...


Basilica San Marco:

 Ca' d'Oro:

To end this day in Venice with grabbed some tea and a pastry while listening to some live Opera and orchestra:

Patiently waiting for the next day for a Gondola ride and to absorb more of this fairytale...

Con l'elogio del papà:

Stay tuned for Venezia part 2!


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