Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Down Syndrome International LOVE Day!

While I was in Argentina almost 2 years ago I had the blessing of meeting a group of kids that are part of a non- profit association called "Downeate".
Downeate belief is that rebels change the world, and that we all live the same reality. This group of amazing humans help integrate families and children with down syndrome to live the same reality we all live everyday, which can be as simple as taking a bus from home to college or work, taking the metro or subway by themselves. Acting, singing, communicate and integrate, we are all the same, we all live the same circunstances in Life, no matter how we look, how we are... we are all the same.
It was one of my dreams coming true, because I have been a fan of them and watch their videos a million times. Meeting them was everything to me. They welcomed me, and open their arms like another downeate girl! For that I will be forever grateful.
What was more than special, was becoming friends with one of the most caring, loving, special human beings... Solange, (picture πŸ‘†) and her mom Adriana are sunshine to me. We have a friendship that will last a lifetime, and meeting them for the first time felt like we already have known each other for a lifetime.
Solange who I called my little Queen, she has one of her many dreams, to become a model, so I was more than thrilled when I heard that... We did a Spring theme styled photoshoot. Doing what I love with this beautiful, kind and loving human being was one of the best things that happened to me on this trip home.
Here there are our fashion styled shoot with model: Solange Tercelan! She's a nature at modeling, can't you tell!

I have a love, that I can not describe in words for them... People with down syndrome for me are not special because they have an extra chromosome, they are special to me because the have a unique kind of love, a love without measure, a love that is unconditional. A love that is pure, healthy, innate, kind and innocent.
This kids could teach the world how to love without judging, how to love without measures, how to be kind with others, how to have a clean pure soul, how to just GIVE LOVE πŸ’—
With that said Happy Down Syndrome International Day, today I celebrate you my little Queen, your beautiful, kind, amazing loving family and celebrate your Aloha pure loving heart!!!

We might not see or talk everyday but you are like stars in the sky to me, I don't always see them but i know they are there...

With all my love... Polly


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