Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Summer 2018 report!


If you read my latest blog you might know that I have mentioned how determined I was to not wear black this winter, and so I did with the exception of once.

I was more than ready to start wearing this 2018 Spring/Summer trends.
Which starts from a pallet of pastels colors to summer sequins, vibrant powerful bold mixing and matching colors!
We are going to see a lot of lavender, baby blue, of course pink which for me are the prettiest shades;

For summer vichy and gingham are still a strong trend that started last year and its here to stay. Fringe it is going to be seen a lot (you may have seen it in Celine, Bottega Veneta and YSL runway shows).
The Check please! print lol If you thought you will be only wearing this fabric and pattern only in winter Um no! Its going to be here to stay all spring summer!
Plastic and sheer, it is going to be basically what lies beneath. Ruffles, yes I love ruffles its going to bring more feminine air this season (I am so ready for it).
Like I have mentioned sequins are back this summer, socks with sequins paired with cinderella, Mary Jane shoes are a must have this spring and I'm all crazy for it!

Bold Colors:


Check fabric:

Plastic and Sheer:

Shoes with socks:

I am so ready, there is only 1 week left and SPRING it is here:
Here it is one of my favorite looks I styled myself with and unconsciously wearing my most favorite trends for this S/S 2018:
Bold colors: fuchsia and orange red, a ruffle skirt and one of my favorite pair of shoes I owned that came with sequins socks attached:

Sequins, socks and slides stilettos:

Here you can shop this whole look, I got you a link to get the almost same similar clothing  😉



Happy Spring everyone!!!

Images copyright from Elle, Bazzar, GetyImages.


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