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Eyelashes Extensions everything you need to know!

Aloha Amigos! So it has been literally over 8 months I have been hesitating about getting eyelashes extensions. Everyone at work has them, and all the ladies looked stunning in them. Some of them had great experiences and others not so good.

After asking to a lot of co-workers about all the pros and cons and their personal experiences, I  researched which was the most recommended place in my area,  I decided to try them out before heading to New York Fashion Week and so I did.
Every single woman I spoke with, that wear eyelashes extensions told me to make sure I go to a professional place where they dedicate to do specifically eyelashes because a great experience will depend on who and how they apply them... so after my research I found Lashes by Maggie.

Maggie is an esthetician and the founder of Lashes by Maggie LLC, she has a staff with 4 more licensed, certified lash technicians and master estheticians: Hailey, Emma, Alyssa, and Marloe. They are all amazing and very professional in what they do so in terms of booking appointments I recommend you any of Maggie's staff!!! (click their names to check their amazing work)
Maggie's lash salon is extremely cozy, super glam (amazing decor) and when I say extremely cozy it is because your lash appointment will consist in 2 hours of relaxing and taking a nap underneath her cozy, furry blankets!

Now let's get back to business: I have made a list of constant common questions I had myself, also some of my readers and followers about the process, the before and after getting lash extensions. I had the opportunity to ask the expert Maggie, and she answered them all for me. Here we go:

 - What type of lash extensions do you use?
At Maggie's they only use Borboleta extensions. This is a very well known lash supply company based in Utah, USA. They have a wide variety of lash styles to choose from, every lash comes in different length from 7mm to 15mm, thicknesses include .1, .12, .15, .18 and .2 and three different types of curls to choose from (D, C and B curl). And you can also get them in black, brown, light brown and colored/ombre extensions.

- What are the lash extensions material, like what are they made of?
They are synthetic lashes.

- What are the lash extensions services?
There are:
"Classic full set" which last between 90-120 minutes.  These are for more of a natural, wispy look while eliminating the need for mascara. And after 2-3 weeks you can get a classic full fill or a classic mini fill (click here for prices $).
"Flat lash full set" this service last between 90-120 minutes. These are applied with the classic technique and is more for a dramatic look, these lashes are also lightweight so it tends to last longer. (These are the ones I got ­čśë) you can also get a full flat fill or a mini flat fill.
"Colored lash full set" this service duration is between 90-120 minutes. These lashes come in solid colors (red, blue, green, coral, light pink, hot pink, light purple, light brown and dark brown) or ombre colors and you can also mix and match.

- Can the glue harm and/or irritate your eyelid?
In extreme cases this can happen. Rarely does on someone that can be allergic to it and it just can get swollen. Again this very rarely happens.

- Can you wear makeup after the lashes extensions are applied?
Yes, you can apply eyeshadows very carefully. Liquid eyeliner is not recommended.

- Can you swim or get in the ocean?
Yes, you can, although salt water might make you feel discomfort.

- Will my own lashes fall?
No, this should never happen if the lashes extensions are properly applied!

- How long do they last?
It depends on how you care for them. Your own lashes have their own growing period, that's when you will see your lash extension grow and you will find it is time for a mini fill or a full fill.

Polly while getting the flat lash full set applied by Maggie:

Things you need to know before heading to your appointment:

- At Maggie's, they suggest not wearing strip lashes 1-2 days before the appointment since the strip glue could be difficult to remove and if there is residue left over it will effect the lash extension retention.
- Arrive at the appointment with no face makeup at all, or moisturizers, mascara, eyeliner, none make at all!!!
- They suggest showering before the appointment since you do not want to get your lashes wet after they have been applied, for 24 hours after.
- Remove contact lenses before the lash extensions are going to be applied.
-  Prepare to block 2 hours and 20 minutes for your initial appoiment in your schedule ­čśë.
Before Fill appointment:
- Clean, brush eyelashes extension before the appointment to ensure the best retention results.
- Shower before your appointment since you do not want to get your lash extensions wet after 24 hours.
- Do not pull grow out lashes extensions (they remove grown out lash extensions during the fill appointment)
- Coffee and energy drinks do not affect retention but sometimes it can make you jittery and hard to lay still for long periods of time.

Aftercare: Taking care of your lashes extensions is essential for the health of your own natural lashes along with ensuring better retention on your lash fills.
- Do not tint, curl, or apply mascara. The extensions remain the same shape.
- Extreme heat can melt or singe the lashes, so be careful when opening the oven, etc.
- Do not use oil-based products on your face or makeup since oil tends to remove the lashes extensions.
- Avoid excessive touching and mascara, since it can increase the risk of eye infection. Dirt from hands can be transferred to your extensions.
- Do not pull extensions or try to remove grow out extensions, this can cause breakage and damage your own natural lashes.
- Do not use cotton pads, any oil-based makeup or makeup remover pads.
- Be cautious when using a hand towel since lint can get stuck on your extensions and rip out the lashes.
- Make sure to use water, oil-free makeup, borboleta lash cleanser, q-tips and clean eyeshadow brush to clean your lashes.

When should you get your eyelashed fill?
It is normal for extensions to fall out and have the natural lash attached to the extension still. This happens when the natural lash completed its natural growth cycle and it is ready to be replaced with a new lash. The adhesive bond is strong enough that will allow the extension to remain attached.
Fills should be done between 2 to 3 weeks. Mini fills are every 1-2 weeks, they are not to be replaced for regular fills since you might tend to lose more lashes depending on the elements and care.

Hope you all enjoy reading and that I answered all your questions and I hope you all head to Lashes by Maggie LLC and book your appointment!!!
I had the best experience I could ever asked for, all my fear and concerns went away, my eyelashes are still looking amazing, and I had nothing but compliments while I was in New York for fashion week!!!

Feel free to message me if you have more questions or concern about getting your lashes done! 




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