Monday, August 26, 2019

Summer in the Amalfi Coast!

Aloha, after a beautiful stay in Rome we took the train and headed to the southeast of Naples and stopped in Salerno.
 I chose Salerno as the main point between the Amalfi Coast and Positano. It was in the middle of summer time so hotels in Amalfi or Positano were extremely pricy. We stayed at a beautiful 5 star hotel in the Salerno coast with ocean view and taking ferry's to the main attractions was just way easier. So I totally recommend you to the same unless you book your hotel in the Amalfi Coast way ahead of time and off season.
Be ready to exploring the coast of Salerno with long walks along the coast, get some capuccino with a napoleon and enjoy a beautiful harbor view that will make you feel like you are looking at a paint.
Right here see it for yourself...

By the way I celebrated my 31st birthday... yes was so dreamy.

After spending a full day exploring Salerno and laying in the sun, we prepare ourselves to a dreamy destination: The Amalfi Coast.  Just took a ferry to get us there 😉

There are a lot of things besides being on the warm, clear ocean. Be ready to hike, and go up in the most narrow streets you could possible imagine. I recommend you to bring an extra pair of tennis shoes (besides your cute sandals), wear a big hat and soft comfortable clothes.
One of the beautiful scenes we covered were:
- Amalfi Cathedral
- Corso Italia
- Arienzo Beach
If you have the extra time I recommend that you go to Salerno since it is so close to Amalfi. I have this pending for my next trip.

Make sure you try a fresh lemon from here, drink it or put over your salad. Nothing more tasteful than this giant Amalfi lemons, Oh my!!!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. Next what everyone has been waiting for: POSITANO is next!!!

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